Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good news, bad news

From Inside the Flames: Bourque, Bertuzzi skate

Good game last night, well-deserved win, looks like a team that's practised for a few days.

Also, Dallas: BORING.


Anonymous said...

whats the bad news?

duncan said...

Good news = Bourque
Bad news = Bertuzzi

Bertuzzi is only ever bad news. In fact, I think I might just call him Bad News from now on.

Kent W. said...

Bad News Bert. Sounds good.

ngthagg said...

Bourque being back on skates is incredible news. There have been suggestions that he is recovering quickly (for an ankle sprain), but this is the first solid evidence.

The priority now is for the Flames to re-solidify our 1st in the NW, so that Bourque doesn't get rushed back.

Anonymous said...

So I dont wanna be that guy or anything but does anyone else recall who said he would be ready for playoffs? Im just playing lol.

Thats great news. This team will be unreal with them back. Lundmark and Boyd will fill the 4th line with peters(?). That sounds mighty solid to me

Kent W. said...

More good news: Roy missed practice today due to an "upper body injury". Hopefully it lasts awhile.

walkinvisible said...

dvdg !!!!

shep said...

i was thinking last game how much i enjoyed not having to watch 7's backhand turnovers at the blue line.
come playoff time, those are going to kill us.

is dvdg back up?