Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a conversation between your hittheHOSTS on deadline's eve...

walkinvisible in italics
duncan in regular script.

5:01 - i'm scared... and I'm not talking about the sens...

5:02 - Roberts ?

5:05 - hope not. i picture him crawling off the ice a la gilmour in his first shift back with the leafs.

5:06 - I like the leopold idea, but they need an F as well now. That lineup tonight is B A D.

5:09 - i am not a fan of the return player, save for conroy (but that guy's got character, at least). i do not envy sutter today. He can't wait for waiver results, can he ?

5:12 - No, he can't. I thought I might like roberts till I saw those numbers for this year. He's done. Leopold is just cheap and cheap to get but I'd happily take equivalent. If Darryl's proven anything though it's that he'll deal for someone we never thought of.

5:15 - agreed. i was thinking a bit about his trading history, and he likes to prey on weaker gms. mostly eastern. ottawa ? we'll lose a prospect & a pick, minimum.

5:17 - As long as it's not the equivalent of kobasew/ference which I'm pretty sure he learned from. Hasn't done anything as stupid since, has he ?

5:20 - my concern is that he has also never been in as much of a bind... the problem being that 29 gms can see his urgency...

5:22 - I guess it depends on how hurt everyone really is, which only he knows. Gio and bourque are bad to lose but it's not regehr and iginla.

5:24 - true, but only he really knows how bad guys like langks and prust are. i hear 3 weeks on bert. sigh... so much drama. u watchin tonight ?

5:27 - Yep ! Love this early start time, feels like the olden days out west. You ?

5:30 - i decided to pay it, yeah. i've been sick and i wanna know just how dire this situation is... who do you think is the weakest gm in the east ?

5:32 - Snow. Maybe lawton. I forgot it's PPV you just get them for free out here with centre ice. Rob kerr is the funniest. This'll be more enjoyable that I thought. Hope there's a fight.

5:35 - ha ha ha. okay so who could fill our needs from nyi or tampa ?

5:36 - Crap, getting the boring ottawa sportsnet feed and their christoph schubert watch instead. On nyi/tampa question... Well, don't disagree with matt on halpern. In dreamland we could find a way to get st.louis without breaking the future. Suppose I'd take weight from nyi. What do you think ?

5:41 - schubert ? hahaha... i don't know. i'm honestly more concerned about keeping our losses minimal.

5:44 - God, those "sens" unis are horrible. What are you most scared of losing ?

5:46 - lombo, boyd, backlund, negrin, aulie, nemisz, armstrong, first rounders... nice pass by #18, btw

5:51 - No kidding. That's good lombo. The streak-down-the-wing-with-speed guy. Fair enough to fear losing most of those guys but I'm only worried about getting a bad rental for one. long-termish guy ? Maybe one of them going is ok.

6:00 - i don't like it. i'd prefer long termers to sign/trade for in the summer when there's no premium

6:02 - unless they already have a good value contract like your boy kaberle.

6:03 - fair enough...

6:17 - Also, I'm fine with Nycholat as the depth D-man. Not that I've seen him a ton, but saw him a lot as a junior and he was a responsible, smart, small guy with offensive upside. If he's stuck around this long, it's a good sign.

6:25 - which is why I think we should focus on forward depth... though i'm still concerned about a possible multi-player deal. peters just used the word "cliché-ish"

6:30 - I like clicheish. Sens broadcast is borrrrring.


7:45 - Sens announcers slowly backtracking after decrying "vintage" phaneuf "elbow" on Heatley.

7:48 - ha ha ha these guys hailed his old school clean open icer... ;)


8:00 - i like our fifth line ;)

8:03 - I know, not bad. Nothing like keeping it simple. Don't know if they could keep their heads above water with better qualcomp, though.

8:05 - agreed...


8:13 - I love how Kipper always spills his orange juice all over the front of his white jersey.



Anonymous said...

Reading this entry was the biggest waste of time of my young life. Please shut down this blog. That was just brutal.

walkinvisible said...

hahahaha... so why did you read it all ?

Kent W. said...

not only read it...but COMMENT on it.

If reading the blog entry was so fruitless, I would suggest writing your complaint, was, in fact, the biggest waste of time of your young life.

walkinvisible said...

HAHAHAHA !!! indeed....

what can i say ? hitthepost was never set up to be a statistical/analytical site. it's based on personal commentary that some people like and/or relate to, and some don't. duncan and i like to try new things that might or might not be of interest to the readers.

this particular entry was clearly a dud for that guy (but my mum seemed to like it alright)....