Saturday, March 7, 2009

flames v. canes postgame: strategy

so... uh... THAT happened... ;)

i'm pretty sure i speak for most of us when i say that last night's game was sortof like what i expected to see the night before when i guaranteed a loss. it came a day late, and in front of poor curtis macelhinney (again) but it was probably the kick in the pants the flames needed right about now: an embarassing shutout loss at the hands of an eastern bubble team.

this is the kind of game duncan was talking about when he predicted a string of losses on this roadie.

i don't understand why keenan insists on playing cuMac on the second night of a back-to-back when the team consistantly plays terribly in that game. why not play cuMac in the FIRST game, leaving a capable kipper to pick up a point or two in the followup, all by his lonesome. i'm guessing it's because he wants ol'kippy to play both games, but kipps doesn't feel up to the second one (once the game rolls around). strategy, however, is a coach's job.

this annoys me to no end...


Ms. Conduct said...

I see Chucko was impactful and effective as usual. Go Flames!

ngthagg said...

It was really nice of the Red Wings to get snot beat out them, just to make us feel better. What a first-class team.