Thursday, February 26, 2009

random thursday musings: hmmmmm...

- the flames have re-called david van der gulik. i'm honestly pretty stoked about this move, cause the kid is way overdue for his first NHL game (4 years in the NCAA and 3 years in the AHL). by all accounts, he's a defensively solid grinding RW. it's difficult to garner any further information about the baby flames in general (piss-poor website with very little above your basic statistical info), but my guess would be that --as an AHL veteran-- he gets a fair amount of minutes against decent competition.... and he's got a positive +/- [a rarity on the farm this year]. the most notable DVDG stat, historically was his +27 a couple of years ago, on a team that hovered around evens.

- a friend of mine asked me this morning, in an email, what i thought about primeau being done for the year. i have no direct confirmation of this news, but i can't say i'm surprised by it. clearly there's something wrong with his rehabilitation, or he'd be well into skating by now... buh bye #19.

- keenan had a few not-so-nice things to say about gio's injury. i can't find the article online (i read it in the ACTUAL newsPAPER at my folks' place) but my recollection was that it was somewhere in the range of "a hockey player's responsibility is to avoid getting hurt" and that gio was in a good position to take a hit until he took the hit. while i have no doubts whatsoever of the truth in keenan's statement, i do wonder if its' necessary to kick a guy while he's down...

i also wonder if gio's played his last game in a flaming C.

- in other gio news, i went to the hitmen game last week and struck up a conversation with some random dude in the beer line. we got to talking about the flames and i got to talking about gio (like, duh). with no prompting whatsoever, he says "i saw this thing once on the internet that was a side-by-side comparison between giordano and mr. bean." i think this was my proudest moment ever. cause as IF he wasn't referring to THIS little gem...

and, finally, your clutterbuck humiliation du jour:
actor andrew clutterbuck had to change his name to andrew lincoln before he got any good acting jobs (most recently playing keira knightly's unrequited love in "love actually").


Anonymous said...

Being a casual hockey fan, what I don't understand is why we continue to politely refer to Clutterbuck by his actual name. Not intending any comment on his ability or potential, I've degenerated to the point where all I see is "Clusterf*ck" and have to struggle to remind myself that this poor guy has parents that probably don't appreciate that kind of thing. Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Clutterbuck, but your son just has a really, REALLY, funny name.

In terms of quasi-hockey conversation, I would be very impressed if numbering your jersey could get a guy both injured AND traded. As always, I sit in awe of your powers.

Can't wait to see Iggy keep the pressure on. A couple of points tomorrow would make me a believer. I hope you're right about our 25-year old rookie as well.

walkinvisible said...

the best part about that comment ? i read : "Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Clutsterf***, but your son just has a really, REALLY, funny name.

this, obviously, made me almost cry with laughter.