Friday, February 27, 2009

flames v. wild: payback

with this, the first matchup between my beloved flames and my nemesis (clutterbuck)'s wild, i expect at least one good fight. i'm not sure if the target would be cal or fritsche (for his slewfoot on bourque)... i would earmark prust for this if it weren't for his questionable jaw, and if boogard drew in he'd get murdered anyways.... i nominate vandermeer to be the guy to stand up and tell those dudes in christmas colours that we don't like it when their calder nom ruins our blueliners, by knocking a couple of cal's chicklets into the back of his throat.

(at least, that's how it goes down in my daydreams !!)

jarome is 2 goals away from 400 and 3 points away from surpassing theoren fleury's franchise leading record, so i presume he'll be absent from the scoreboard for weeks to come. while he's a notorious wild-killer, tonight will not likely be the night he overtakes much of anything... buuuut i just found out i'm a total pessimist. so who knows: maybe he'll get a hattrick and take both records right here, right now. it WOULD be preferrable to do it at home... the captain sure ain't gonna get an ovation in ottawa or elsewhere on the road... so go on, iggs.... just get'er done !!!

head over to ms.conduct's site to check out her take on how the rookie-of-the-year voting should proceed... aside from her accidentally putting clutterbuck at the top of the list, i have to say i like her voting criteria. very scientific... too bad the people who ACTUALLY vote probably won't look at "adorableness" or "badassness," but i honestly agree with factoring in "moment-making", "fan base adoption," and "team MVP status." all three of which will obviously still put steve mason at the top of the REAL list at the end of the year...

and that last statement right there, my friends, is enough to stand as your daily clutterbuck condescension. enjoy !!



Ms. Conduct said...

Yeah, Nick's already predicted a fight for Cal tonight. *sigh* I hate when he fights, but as long as it's early in his shift, he'll be fine.

Oh well. Go Wild, though I'm not wearing my Wild t-shirt, which is two goals we won't get. Maybe the Aeros will win at least.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm weird (okay, I am weird) and its probably just my generation, but the Wild jerseys always remind me of one thing: Beaver Canoe. Does anyone remember that stuff? I don't think it was possible to go to junior high in the late 80's around here without owning at least one Beaver Canoe T or sweatshirt. I know the designer must have gone on to find a job somewhere, might as well be in the twin cities.

Go Flames! Kick some Cluster a$$!