Wednesday, October 22, 2008

flames v. caps postgame: teammates

i will admit that i didn't watch a whole heckuva lot of last night's game but i will admit a couple of other things.

1. i am starting to detest being in edmonton. it's not the city itself, it's the misery of just not wanting to be away from home anymore (and also serious lack of sleep).

2. i am loving the way the flames are beginning to look like a TEAM by sticking up for their teammates. it happened in edmonton on the weekend when prust jumped on mcintyre for wallpapering boyder, and again last night when bourque (of all people) fed fists to sloan for LEVELLING langkow open-ice styles. sure it would be better if the flames' players avoided getting smoked EVERY GAME, and having all sorts of third-man-in infractions ain't the SMARTEST, but at least there's folks willing to fight for their buddies.

3. i want to read theoren fleury's book... like, BAD.



Steal Thunder said...

Theo has a new book?

I have his old bio around somewhere (I think its back home), and I haven't read a book in months, but I'm suddenly intrigued...

awildermode said...

i will get theo's book, even it means i have to learn how to read

walkinvisible said...

AWM: i really expected a comment on this sooner. so now i know that you don't read HTP often enough.