Tuesday, July 22, 2008

prospect camp day 2: sorry !!

i'm not gonna make it down to the 'dome today, i'm afraid.

my friends' band from vancouver (pride tiger) came in really late last night and we were all catching up and drinking beers into the wee hours. as i write this, i realize that it's totally fitting that they were passing through town on day 1 of prospect camp, as i mentionned them in my post on day 1 last year.... some things have a way of coming full circle, i guess...

so while the baby flames had their morning sessions, i was having a good old-fashionned lie-in, followed by a nice, big cup of tea while i got the boys out on the road to play their show in edmonton tonight. aaaaand then i'll spend this afternoon's drills having lunch with one of my oldest girlfriends, who's heading back to toronto tonight....


anyone wanna join me for a wednesday session ???


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