Wednesday, July 2, 2008

free agent !*&%-ups

i wish i had more time to write about what transpired in the NHL yesterday but, for the most part, i was kindof blown away by the ridiculousness of the contracts given out. i don't think there were any major real steals, and for the most part there were a lot of expensive dud players signed by silly GMs.

check FHF for more info. link at right (i'm on my way to the airport so i don't feel like taking the time to link it properly)....

thankfully, sutter made some minor but interesting moves. gio is (apparently) official and rene bourque for a second rounder looks like a good pickup.

i wish i had more to say about the likes of redden, tucker, and the absurdity that's going on in tampa.... maybe later.


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awildermode said...

yes, prices were/are ridiculous. it is like paying $5 for a cup of the way, starbucks is closing 600 stores.

just like the $5 coffee, these ufa will cause teams to fold in their own way.

glad that sutter had the brains to sign the core last season and made some pretty smart moves leading up to yesterday.