Wednesday, July 16, 2008

flames sign lundmark.... AGAIN

colour me stunned by today's announcement that the flames have signed jamie lundmark to a two-way deal. it seems darryl sutter is ripping a page from the old maple leafs book of GMing: "if he played for us once, let's give him another go" [see also: wendel clarke, doug gilmour].

jamie lundmark has always been one of those 'coveted' sutter guys. daz tried to get him packaged in with chris simon in 2004, which (the parallel does not evade me on this one) saw jamie mclennan shipped out of flaming red and into rangers blue. when that didn't fly, he jumped at the opportunity thieve lundmark of phoenix, only to dump him off to the kings in return for craig conroy in 2007 (another repeat performer).

i simply don't get it.

even if lundmark has been earmarked as a kolanos/stevenson replacement for the QC, i just don't see how his recent play earns him this opportunity....


my high summer hopes for this team are waning rapidly.

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Unknown said...

nothing more than a farm addition and a reliable call up.

Not sure why so many Flames fans are up in arms in understanding this signing.