Saturday, May 24, 2008


couple of things that i pondered this morning:

1. neither lidstrom nor crosby touched/lifted their respective conference trophies, so there's no superstitious advantage there. what i recalled this morning, however, is that no european captainned NHL squad has ever won the big prize.... will liddy be the first, or will the pens take the series ????

2. maggie the monkey spun a win for pittsburgh, yesterday, for this year's stanley cup. last year she picked ottawa over anaheim. in '06, she took edmonton over carolina. she predicted calgary over tampa in '04, and the ducks (the team she'd ridden all year, though the pundits had consistantly chosen otherwise) to beat the devils on her first outing in 2003. my point ? even though maggie is decidly close to 50/50 in total, she is 0-for-4 in predicting the eventual cup winner. will the pens be a first for maggie, or will detroit win the series ???

i think these two utterly useless factoids cancel each other out. i'm still calling detroit to end up victorious.


on the same train of thought, TSN today is replaying calgary v. tampa 2004 game 5, which reminds me that rhett warrener has been to the finals thrice and never won it: yet another reason to get rid of our faithful #44...

can't wait until tonight....



awildermode said...

if you look at the photos the captains took with the campbell/wales trophies. lidstrom is closer to his trophy...and the other guy (forgot his name) is touching it. guilt by association.

i remember the broadcasters saying that yzerman touched and raised the trophy when the wings won their cups, lidstrom did not. that with the non-canadian factor puts the wings at a disadvantage.

also there is the crosby conspiracy theory that you and i subscribe to. technically, maggie has been right the last 4 predictions. i do not recognize the past 4 champs...the other teams should have won those cups.

walkinvisible said...

and the other guy (forgot his name) is touching it

i believe you mean bill daly but i really thought you were referring to crosby on first read (which made me laugh)...

which crosby conspiracy theory is this, again ? the one where bettman & his NHL brass cronies want the kid to hoist the cup (and, thus, goals by holmstrom no longer count) ???