Wednesday, May 14, 2008

canada v. norway : psych!!

congrats to canada for making it to the semis, by soundly beating norway this afternoon (even though norway looked like they were gonna put up a pretty good fight for the first bit...).

there were way too many sound-alikes in this game for me:

lars-erik spets ? or jason spezza ?
mattias olimb ? or mattias ohlund ?

i kept hearing miller and mcguire referring to "thomas maki," which thoroughly confused me. "did tömi mäki defect from finland to norway ??" i thought, at first, "or is this some other player altogether ??". i checked the rosters and couldn't FIND a "thomas maki," so turned my attention back to the game. the next time he was mentionned with the puck, i took note that he was #5. the next time i saw #5, i could tell that his last name wasn't as short as "maki."

ladies and gentlemen, i present you:
juha kaunismaki. (say it out loud)


[in trying to figure this out, i might add, i note that tömi mäki is RFA this summer, as is DVDG and adam pardy (among others). um, sutter's got some serious work to do....]


Kent W. said...

Maki's ain't coming back. You saaw it here first.

Kent W. said...


Damn inability to type or edit!

MacS said...

I am really confused too. Is it the same guy?

walkinvisible said...

the norweigan's last name is "kaunismaki" which sounds a lot like "thomas maki" which i thought was possibly the full name of tomi maki (which it probably isnt).

MG: i know. i'm sad.