Thursday, May 1, 2008

one week down, 8-10 to go !!

there's not alot to say, in the past week about the flames, that hasn't been said on other blogs (see list at right, specifically the BofA and FHF), dissecting the dream that wasn't, and looking towards 08/09. the general concensus ? we're in a bit of trouble.... but not so much trouble that we can't still ice a competitive team next season.

opinions are mixed regarding keenan and kiprusoff but it seems that everyone agrees eriksson, warrener &/or primeau need to disappear. my opinion is that warrener's contract is the most dire to delete from the books, but eriksson's on-ice play is the most obnoxious. for me, those are the priorities....
if primeau has to stay, then primeau can stay.

to be honest, with my team out, it's been quite enjoyable to just watch hockey for the past week. philly is putting up a FAR better fight than i'd imagined possible and dallas is playing to potential (which is a considerably higher brand of hockey than i'd presumed would happen vs. a tough team like the sharks). the pens are riding roughshod over pretty much everyone in sight, thusfar, but now that jagr's got a bee in his bonnet and the boys are playing for their injured mascot (avery), i could envision this series going to six AT LEAST.

as for detroit, i'm hella glad to have picked franzen in my pool. i mean, everyone's got datsyuk, zetterberg and lidstrom, but "the mule" is the guy who will put me over the top (fingers crossed). i don't know what budaj was thinking ---upon his insertion into last night's game, he was expected to two-hand franzen full-force across the belly, was he NOT ??? way to go, pete. you missed a golden opportunity....

other random thoughts from this round:

- if the rangers do, infact, lose (which i'm remaining positive about), will it be because shanahan continues to shave ?? i mean, i've been researching it a bit and it appears that he grew a furry goatee each of the three times he won the cup. where's the beard this year, bud ?

- if the canadiens do, infact lose (which would kill my pool), does gainey get canned for dealing huet for a sack of pucks ? i'd be pissed, if the habs were my team. my pal strombo made a valid point, however : "philly beat huet, too." either way, i think les habitants could be using him right now.

- imagine how good philly would be if gagné was playing ??!?!

- i know it's a longshot but it'd be cool to see a lundqvist (rangers) v. lundqvist (stars) final.

- was avery's spleen already lacerated/injured when he was dressing for game 4 ? ron mclean and kelly hrudey did a bit of CSI: avery HOURS before he went to hospital. the clip showed the pest in some discomfort putting his pads on over his head, and needing help to put on his suspenders. they presumed he was nursing a shoulder injury. i have to wonder.....

that's about it for now.

prospect camp is in july. start the countdown at about 8 weeks... ;)

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ngthagg said...

dallas is playing to potential (which is a considerably higher brand of hockey than i'd presumed would happen vs. a tough team like the sharks)

The Sharks are a tough team . . . when they decide to show up. Anyone who watched the Calgary-SJ series shouldn't be surprised that Dallas went up 3 games on them.