Monday, April 21, 2008

game 6 postgame: hangover

before the puck dropped last night, i was totally and completely at peace with the flames' season coming to an end.

then they went and played sixty minutes of hard, physical, emotional hockey and forced a seventh game (it didn't hurt that the sharks forgot to show up, either).... so now we'll have to go through the turmoil all over again on tuesday. let's be honest, though... that was one hell of a game.

keenan removing godard from the lineup, and playing an additional defensemen in his stead, was the key to the win, in my opinion. it was a pleasure to see the fourth line on the ice and not be forced to hold my breath for the entirety. infact, primeau/nystrom/moss had some very respectable shifts, at one point pinning the puck in the offensive zone for a good chunk of time --if not producing any serious scoring chances. this, of course, gave the top liners some extra (and much-needed) rest time on the bench. keenan was able to roll all four lines for extended periods (8-10 minutes of ice for the aforementioned three) and the 'core group' played a few minutes less each (presumeably also a product of maintaining a lead).

the dome was on fire last night, and my pops and i had a BLAST. one guy went shirtless and had a big ol’ flaming C painted on his chest. on his back: #21.... “why the hell would you choose HALE ??” i inquired. “HAAAALLLESTORM !!!!!” was the response....


and on to game SEVEN !!!!


MacS said...

And did you notice during the American national anthem 'what so proudly we HALE!d...' That made me laugh.

That said I think Hale has played pretty much brilliantly these playoffs.

walkinvisible said...

ha ha, no.... but i was not the only person who yelled "RED GLARE" in the same song....