Friday, April 18, 2008

game 5 postgame: premature review

i'm not gonna discuss the loss last night. why ? because it's been discussed a thousand times by a hundred different people and still nothing has changed with this team. iggy can fight the coaches and reggie can call out his teammates till the cows come home but guess what ?? this team is simply not a cup winner and everybody (including them, methinks) knows it.

what i DO want to talk about is the curse of the european captain (in bold/italics).

nashville (arnott) v. detroit (lidstrom)
calgary (iginla) v. SJ (marleau)
colorado (sakic) v. minnesota (gaborik)
dallas (morrow) v. anaheim (pronger)

montreal (koivu/kovalev) v. boston (chara)
pittsburgh (crosby) v. ottawa (alfredsson)
washington (clark) v. philly (smith)
NYR (jagr) v. NJD (langenbrunner)

of course, we all know that no team captained by a european (non-north american) has ever won the cup. here, it's starting to look like half of the possible ejections, this round, of euro-captained teams will happen (wild, sens). i definitely should have considered this when choosing my hockey pool teams....

in review, maggie the monkey did choose the penguins, the only team to win a series thusfar. the rest are still up for debate, but she spun wins for (current record in brackets):
Detroit (2-2)
SJ (3-2)
Minny (2-3)
Anaheim (1-3)

Montreal (3-2)
Philly (3-1)
NJD (1-3)

this is a random "i don't want to think about the consequences of last night but i'm starting to think about what to do for the summer" kindof post.


MacS said...

The problem is there are two few steamboats and too many anchors. This series has made the distinction painfully obvious.

walkinvisible said...


and some of the anchors are built for tankers...
and some of the steamboats are more like dinghys....