Tuesday, April 15, 2008

game 4 pregame: this one's BIG

i find it beyond amusing that we, as fans, try to use superlatives to explain the enormity of each progressing game. game one was a big game. game two was a huge game. game three was massive... which i guess makes tonight's game enormous (to be followed by colossal and, if necessary, gargantuan, and astronomical).

[hey, if DFMB can flex his math skills, i can prove i know how to use a thesaurus....]

as i've been saying since the flamb├ęs assured themselves of a spot in this year's post-season, game 4 will be a longshot at best. not because kipper will start and be nervous, and not because the sharks will want to avenge the sarich pasting of their captain on the mid-boards, but because i'll be sitting in section 201 eating a pocketdawg and drinking a plastic pint. so it's good they won game three... that was MASSIVE.

looks like keenan will go status quo tonight, and i would be surprised to see anyone but #34 in nets (especially shocked if the goal were to be tended by any jersey number not in the 30s ----or aucoin---- but i digress).... kippsy has a pretty good record of coming back from a huge pull in the playoffs. i laughed heartily when the pundits talked about the previous occurrance of a miikka yank, mostly because they failed to mention that he only spent 18 seconds on the bench before having to re-relieve an enormously penalized noodles. but, hey.... who said mclennan wanted to end his NHL career with a whisper... ?

this post is a bit all-over-the-place.
i'm overwhelmed with the enormity of the game tonight....



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awildermode said...

i think keenan will start Vandermeer on wing tonight so Jimmy can start a fight 4 seconds in.

I want to see Harvey smash Sharky into the boards.

Go Harvey, GO FLAMES!!!