Tuesday, February 5, 2008

kipper v. the dogs

if you'd asked me yesterday, i would have explained how i dodged a bullet by being overseas for the pathetic month of november, and for being at a birthday party on the night the flames were annhialated by the preds. BUUUUT i suppose i was due to witness an absolute catastrophe at the hands of my team. i'm so embarassed on behalf of the Cs that i will even point out that garon has our number, that the greasers' youngsters skated circles around our vets, and that cujo looked like a 40-year-old who hasn't played pro in eons.

as for tonight, it is my honest hope that it can't possibly be worse. let's have a look, starting from last night's barrel-scrapers:

- barring a tragic bus accident, drive-by-shooting or similarly unpredictable disaster, kipper will be in nets. this is a massive step up already (sorry, cujo)

- godard looks to be suspended for tonight, which takes away keenan's option to bench him (which clearly would never have happened anyways). we've all been questionning godard's value in the lineup for months ---since his last fight, which i believe happened in NOVEMBER. so tonight we'll see if the fourth line has any value whatsoever... i hear it's gonna be mark "minutes" smith (who is useless but can skate), marcus "sign'im & sit'im" nilson (who is useless but can check) and dustin "someday they'll play me with decent wingers" boyd (who is only useless with guys like smith and nilson).

- iggy's got to come around sometime. ditto for juice, tanguay and lombody. ;)

winning tonight will be no easy job, with the dingos playing as well as they have been. our problem, of late, is getting pucks in the other guys' net, so beating bryzgalov is not gonna seem a pleasant task. this should be a low-scoring affair, and with any luck, our guys will tally at least one more than their guys.

fingers crossed.

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