Sunday, February 17, 2008

it's all becoming clear

i'm not sure why i never considered it before but.... as if we're not gonna deal a goaltender for some roster goods.
think about it.

in the system:

how many of those have value, as tradebait ?
keetley, irving, debateably mcelhinney.

i can't see us dealing irving or keetley, to be honest. not yet. but with kipper signed into the next decade, we certainly don't' need both.... it's just a matter of figuring out who's gonna be better (tough call, but my money's on keetley)...

just puzzin'.


awildermode said...

krahn has been hurt a lot, much like an eight grade school girl. basically useless, at least for the next year or two. irving and keetly are the ones to keep, if not for future dealings.

mcelhinney is just itching to play pro. sitting on the bench for 50 games is not a his idea of a pro career.

good observation on the goalie situation. i still think cujo should play more, since he is getting plaid basically to be a bench warmer.

Kent W. said...

I wish. The problem with goalies one wants them. Anything outside of say, a Luongo quality player, you basically have to give away. I think if one of these guys does end up leaving, it'll be as a throw-in on the back of a more significant deal.

You're right though...we seem to have too many of these guys.

walkinvisible said...

AWM: cujo should definitely not play more. he's one win away from tying sawchuck for fourth on the list of alltime wins by a goalie: which means he'll never win a game in a flaming C. period.

MG: fine. langkow & mcelhinney to toronto for kaberle. yeah. right.... ;)

Jeff said...
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