Saturday, February 16, 2008

flames v. kings postgame: ouch

here's my one-liner summation on last night's game:
we played exactly the same as we did in SJ (ie: brutally) except kipper couldn't keep us in it like he did against the sharks, and dying-seconds heroics don't work when you're down by three.

here's my opinion on how the flames start winning games:

sutter needs to trade for a top-four defenseman. BADLY. i have no idea how we afford one but eriksson needs to be relieved of those duties, and (unfortunately) i'm starting to think sarich does too. i'm no longer sure what his problem is but he's begun to make regehr look bad.

the truth is, that we've only got two top four guys, which leaves five defensmen currently fit only for the bottom pairing.... i really don't know how to make our seven guys into a cup winner when three of them are liabilities most nights, as of late [i'm not including hale or aucoin in this because i still think, if kept to a 3rd pairing role, they're valuable].

the biggest concern for me, right now, is that our team has FAR too many players underperforming considering their salaries:

tanguay 5.3 million
aucoin 4 million
sarich 3.5 million
warrener 2.5 million
primeau 1.4 million
16.7 in overspent $$

since we can't shake tangs or aucoin, how 'bout sarich and moss for kaberle ? oh, hell. i'd do it in a heartbeat...


awildermode said...

warrener at $2.5m, primeau at $1.4m...yet these two are rarely dressed. how much does nilson make? he should be playing, regardless.

come to think of it, there is about $40m of underperforming when you CANNOT beat the kings.

Kent W. said...

Throw in Nilson and hell, Godard, since he can't even justify his minimum salary most nights and you're up over 17M ill spent.

walkinvisible said...

i didn't include nilson, cause i think he's actually decent value, and i don't condone his current stretch in the pressbox.

for the same reason, i should definitely have added godard and/or smith.

interesting that nobody is fighting me on sarich.

Kent W. said...

Well, hard to say Sarich hasn't been terrible recently. It's tough to say if he's worth the hit since defensive contributions are harder to pinpoint (especially when he's playing with Regehr, who might be carrying him). Anyways, I like what I've seen from Sarich when he isn't sucking and would suggest he'll be fine in the long-run and is probably one of our lesser worries.

What he needs to do to improve: better outlet passes/decisions and LESS MINOR PENALTIES.