Thursday, February 16, 2012

(pocket) gaudreau update: BEANPOT MVP !!

johnny gaudreau getting the beanpot MVP
(how AWESOME is this guy !??!?)

i have absolutely no excuse for the amount i (don't) post ---i've got three arena reports in the hopper and one of these days i'll get around to writing them. i've also got opinions on the upcoming "forever a flame" honorees and how ken king has forced me to put airquotes around the word "retire" when talking about sending former flames' jersey numbers to the rafters... and there's always the further adventures of the "mcrimmon" poster at flamescentral (which, btw, was removed two days after my letter to ken king). i'll get around to those. i'll try to put up a little each day for the next while. i can't not !! it's not like i'm employed... ;)

THANKFULLY, there's some upcoming news on the pocket gaudreau project, and today i got a proverbial kick-in-the-pants to write something AWESOME about flames prospect johnny gaudreau from his family... where to start ?!?

pocket gaudreau is officially on the move. after his brief initial winter sojurn in calgary around xmastime, he headed off to puerto rico to visit arik. it was a busy time for our favorite coast guarder, as PG was momentarily ignored while arik spent time with his first born daughter and newest/smallest flames fan, claire mika marie. no photos from PG's time with arik have emerged as of yet, but you can keep an eye out here and also on PG's very own twitter site. i've heard PG has been sealed in an envelope and addressed onward, so check your mailboxes !!! he might be enroute to you !!! :)

in other news, the REAL johnny gaudreau had quite the week as well, as he brought home the MVP title at boston's annual beanpot tournament. bahstahner, ryan lambert, posted some interesting commentary on the subject over at flamesnation, and the org posted some nice stuff over on their site as well. massive congratulations to johnny and the entire gaudreau family on the win, and on being bestowed such an honour... [with a "U" cause we're canadian]
(thanks to the original PG for the photos !!)

as the nhl trade deadline approaches, folks like us can only cross our fingers and hope eternally that feaster/king don't ship off what few solid prospects we have in the formerly "bare cupboards" for splashy vetrerans with ill-advised contracts (gaudreau would certainly be named a keeper in this sort of talk, along with sven baertschi and max reinhart).

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I was there that day and johnny gaudreau was simply awesome, he played perfectly and that is why he won that MVP award fair and square