Monday, January 9, 2012

pocket gaudreau takes a left turn !!

when i was visiting arik in puerto rico a few months back, we came up with the pocket gaudreau project ----cause we decided that john gaudreau was indubitably THE most awesome, and hands down the cutest, flames prospect on the roster. so i went ahead and made a little laminated version of the kid, that was (in theory) gonna be sent around the world and photographed in all sorts of fun places. i snapped him in a snow drift in my backyard before taking the wee one to the dome to watch the flames beat the avs...

and then i set him free.

i heard he made it to aguadilla but arik never sent photos. and then PG apparently went to england but i'm still hangin' out to see what he did there. i have no idea where he got to after that or if he's stagnating somewhere under some books on someone's desk in the motherland.... it's kinda too bad cause i'd love to chart his progress if anyone wants to let me know where he's at... i probably should've written a return address on'im....

but i digress.

all of a sudden, a totally unimaginably different (but FAR COOLER) thing happened: hitthepost became the unofficial web host of AWESOME johnny gaudreau pics.... huge thankyous to the original PG for starting the wave.

pocket gaudreau hits Beebe Plain Vt . USA

SO amazing.


dph said...

Love it

and these Pocket-Gaudreau's have a habit of suddenly re-appearing after a short jaunt..

He's probably trying to figure out how an offside in soccer works :)

Sarah said...

This is officially my favourite thing ever.

walkinvisible said...

word is that pocket gaudreau is still in puerto rico awaiting the birth of baby girl ---which begs the question: who will be CUTER ?!?!

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