Thursday, December 15, 2011

nyc: the nhl store boycotts cool flames stuff

this is definitely overdue (as is my arena report on MSG, i realize now) but the beauty of hitthepost is that we only write when we feel like it.... so i'm gonna try to hammer out a few entries over the holidays. starting today.

for the record: i totally understand the lack of calgary flames stuff at the NHL store on manhattan's avenue of the americas; it's not like merch sporting flaming Cs would be flying off the shelves in a market where half the shoppers probably couldn't find calgary on a map. heck, one of the ushers at the flames v. devils tilt last year in jersey asked me if calgary was in the the same league (ie: the NHL !!!), cause she'd never heard of it.... so yeah. you can definitely buy a jersey, and there are a few different options in tshirts, but what stunned me is that you can't buy a single "cool" item with a flames' logo (aside from this reebok ---avs and oilers seen in the background-- which comes in all 30 team models).

i asked an employee if there was any "good" flames merch available (maybe in the back ?) and he brought me a mug, an ugly banner thingo, a jarome action figure, and a mini-stick. just in case you thought you read that wrong, it was a shitty small mug, a banner, an iggy figurine, and a mini stick. no toques, no glassware, none of the basics, and certainly none of the AWESOME stuff:

(left: flyers zamboni nightlight !!!)
(right: habs hockey bag shaped toiletries bag/purse)

a brief (admittedly not-thorough) look over on doesn't have these items with a flames logo, either. i think it's totally bunk. the good news is that my east coast team is the rangers, and there was obviously an exorbitant amount of cool stuff with the blueshirts' logo. except i couldn't bring myself to buy any of it.... so it's not really that good news.

anyhow, it's xmastime and i would have loved it if one of my friends or family had the option of some cool flames stuff to get me. instead, i'll probably get something lame (cause that's all there is). ah, well. i've already got two signed gio jerseys so it's not like anyone could top that anyways... ;)


KingJafi said...

Flames Tervis tumblers are awesome actually.

walkinvisible said...

they are indeed.

awildermode said...

Sorry, I have been on vacation...or holiday as you goofy Canadians call it. Lot to catch up on.

Anyways, those shoes are awesome. I want a pair.

awildermode said...

damn it! i went to, like you said, NOTHING. went to nothing. they have the stock shoes but no NHL shoes. quick search, and all they have is a ball cap. a BALL CAP!

looks like i need to plan a trip to NYC.

walkinvisible said...

i swear that the flames wear these shoes. all the 'soccer in the hallways' shots are very similar if not this exact model.


Horseracing Bookmakers said...

I have not been at one of those stores, but I really want to go, I actually think I will go this weekend and buy a pair of sneakers