Sunday, December 11, 2011

blogger meetup: DECEMBER 23 !!

(darren helm as todd bertuzzi. editor's note: i'm now in love with darren helm)

hey, remember last year when we held a blogger meet-up at schanks north (cause steinberg was working the game and had to be there) on december 23rd, and the flames beat dallas and then the entire season started to turn around ? yeah, well we're doing that again and hopefully it'll spurn the same results (though a playoff finish, would be nice this year, thank you very much).

where: schanks north, 103 crowfoot terrace NW calgary
when: december 23rd, 2011 8:00pm
who: flames v. canucks
why: to hang, chill, watch, cheer, drink, and have fun with some of your calgary flames blogger brethren. also ? why NOT ??!

i'm fairly certain that the guestlist will be decent. i'll be there, for starters. i know Pstein will be there cause he gets paid to. hitthepost sometimes-blogger mikeH will be there, and jazzyV from M&G. if any of kent wilson from flamesnation, hayley from M&G, and our very own duncan are in town, they'll show up for sure. maybe dph will come if he can free himself from the new family. newsboy says he'll make the effort from mackenzie town (hopefully he brings the wife cause she's outrageously hot), and wilhelm from edmonton has pondered the journey.... are YOU coming ?!?

(you should)


KingJafi said...

What are the odds that we post 10 minutes apart from each other? I'm truly sorry the gnome usurped your blogger meetup post. Behold the power of the gnome!!

I might show up to Shanks btw.

Unknown said...

I have been anxiously awaiting confirmation of this event!!!1!! Can't wait

walkinvisible said...


ps: if you show, damnit, you best lemme know so i don't overbook my spare room. :)

anytime, bud.

Sarah said...

Have a drink for me, please :)

Anonymous said...

Countdown is on. Should be a great time!

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