Friday, October 28, 2011

proof positive that the flames mgmt reads htp

how else can you explain my two favorite players on a poster together ?! ;) seriously, though. gio: get some sleep. mickis: you're lucky you're swedish, bro, cause the euro-mullet doesn't work on a lot of people.

speaking of mickis' hair: let's all hope he goes as dracula for hallowe'en cause that widow's peak is DYING to be the centre of attention... ;)

not sure about you but i can't WAIT to see who gets to eat popcorn in the dome rafters tonight, cause it ain't gonna be roman horak. i'm sure if glenX is healthy he'll draw back in, in lieu of a defenseman (though, i gotta say: dressing seven D, when only 3 are any good, seems like a bang-up idea to me).

i'm headin outta town for a par-tay. wish me and my hangover luck !

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