Friday, October 7, 2011

hitthepost loves Gio

Hi all,

I decided that since WI is off in a trench someplace in Medicine Hat, maybe I would fire off my first post for the 2011-2012 season with this piece of wonderful news which we have been expecting around here for ages:

Donning the 'A'
Flames honour heart-and-soul Giordano with an 'A'

Who needs the effin' draft?  Not Gio.  Send him to Siberia, see if Gio cares.  Not bloody likely.  Dump him out in front of a goalie who only stops 9 out of 10 shots while he's on the ice.  Doesn't matter to Gio, he'll just invent a new position and play goal himself ("New Age Defenceman™").

I hope I can gush enough to come close to something representing WI's Gio-crush.  The guy has rapidly become a core member of the team leadership and I don't think anyone doubts the skills (anymore).  As a team over at hitthepost, we have always been happy to champion Gio, sometimes going to extremes.  All this is why I can say that we are not surpised, but definitely happy that the recognition is going to the right dude.

If there is one thing I'm looking forward to watching on the ice this season (and actually, there may only be one thing), its going to be the continued development of Gio in to a world class d-man.  Gio, you may have become the "alternate" on the ice, but here at hitthepost you definitely wear the "C".


walkinvisible said...

wearing the GIO captain jersey today, infact. i'm very proud of my boy. he's come a long way.

thanks, mikeH for doing the legwork. mud has made for a rough morning.

KingJafi said...

KingJafi has a Gio jersey shirt. We definitely love Gio here at htp.