Monday, February 7, 2011

um.... what ?

well, i wanted to get my jersey signed in new jersey, but alas ----two years, two weeks, and five days since i got my first (home) rbk ladies' cut jersey lettered GIO, THIS happened:


("i like your jersey")

(thanks to azevedo for making shit happen).


Colin Stuart said...

Fuck yeah!

walkinvisible said...

i know, right ?!

awildermode said...

i like that he signs it "M. Gio 5"

word verification: zeash

walkinvisible said...

i'm pretty sure it's MG5. closer inspection suggests that the G is just very detailed.

Goad said...

So does that one get retired? Did you send it with someone or were you present for the signing?

walkinvisible said...

i was wearing it at the time. he was bolting for the exit. i think the entire transaction went "excuse me, would you...?" as i handed him a sharpie. "i like your jersey," as he checked the lettering.

"thanks, bud."


walkinvisible said...

oh, and i'll keep wearing it. i'm just not sure how i'm gonna wash it.

Colin Stuart said...

Do it by hand and keep the number out of the water is my best guess.