Monday, February 21, 2011

Back in Florida...

...Kippy is super excited to have a new Flames jersey!

And the fact it actually comes from a pet store in Calgary makes it that much better.


Justin Azevedo said...

Fun fact? That jersey was $10 less then my HC one.

Looks good.

walkinvisible said...

kippy's fuggin' cute, dude. does he loves his shirtty ?

i've been drinking (again).

walkinvisible said...

also ? this is a PERFECT htp entry. totally a propos of nothing and random and awesome.

KingJafi said...

JA: fun fact, if i bought an infant retro like i did for would have been $30 less. Petland is on's the guy working the cashier there.

wi: Kippy's a she...Harvey's the he. She does love the shirtty though...sleeping in it right now.

I have to get you guys a picture of both of them in their jerseys/gear. You can't see in the picture, but she also has a Flames collar on.

Newsboy said...

I'm ultra jealous of anyone's dog that can actually wear a pet jersey. They don't exactly make 'em greyhound sized. Fortress Magee wears a Flames bandanna on game days though.