Thursday, December 10, 2009


at the 'dome, the dawgs are ALWAYS winning....

i'll give full credit to awildermode for making up the nickname "backelhinney", but i came up with "pocketdawes" all by myself, and i'm awfully proud of it... i told my buddy jho, the other day, that it was the best nickname of all time but he seemed to think that king tut still holds that title (i totally disagree, mind you).

last night, my friend fwy gave me a pair of bleeders and so mikeH and i braved the snow to watch the flames play the thrashers. i think it was the altitude (coupled with the zillion 'dome pints that i ingested along the way) that made me tell everyone in section 303 about nigel's new moniker. i'll be honest, though, they were amused.... Interestingly, another pal o'mine, bennie, sent me the following in an email this morning:

"So I went to the game last night and had really sweet seats the the fan960 gave me. Lower bowl 20th row in a corner. Man are they ever quiet down there. I’m used to sitting 18 rows up in sec225. Anyway, I’ve got a few heroins into me and when dawes scored I stood up and tried to start a pocketdawes chant. Crickets. No one joined in. got a few laughs though. that nickname rules. ;)"

pockedawes, the way mikeH likes him: with mustard and cheese.
(big-ups to my bro for the p'shopping)

on another tack, i've got hand it to ken king for walking along the 'concourse' in the 300's about halfway through the third period. seriously, that's a really good way for the organization's president to get accosted by drunks [so, obviously, i took this incredible opportunity to ask a question for my pal in SoCal]. The exchange went a little bit like this:

"excuse me, sorry.... mr. king ?"

kk, not looking even the slightest bit put out (though, admittedly, not overly excited), acknowledged me with something like, "hi there."

"i just wanted to ask you when you think #14 will be raised to the rafters ?"

kk paused at this, and replied something that i would have probably remembered after the first two or three beers, but after four i'm afraid his initial response has gotten lost in the recesses of my brain.... he continued, "well, some time needs to pass."

"not too much time, i hope...." i said with a grin, "cause you gotta retire 14 before 12."

he smiled a little, i said thanks, and i went back to the chair i was occupying (which was totally not assigned to me). his response leads me to believe that fleury will most likely get his jersey retired eventually, but that it might take another few seasons.... i suppose that's fair ---after all, theo only just got reinstated by the league 3 months ago, after being suspended for six years.... ;)

onwards and upwards, i guess....


mikeH said...

Nice work. From now on I am definitely going with the Original; the burps were hardly noticeable. After the Colorado game I was tasting bacon cheddar for hours.

I'm going to start working on people and see if I can get out to more games. I think if I offer enough beer to drown a medium-to-large dog (say enough to take out a German Shepherd or Doberman, but less than what you'd need for a Saint Bernard or Great Dane), I'll start getting more invitations.

You know, about the same amount we drank last night. :)

awildermode said...

1 - i actually read the whole article BEFORE commenting, this time.

2 - thanks for mentioning me. i also came up with "DAWESOME" a while back, and "daweful". but, i like pocketdawes.

3 - thanks for asking Ken King about #14.

4 - i went to the flames/kings game on monday. brought my camera...but forgot the battery. i have some pictures from a friends camera that i will post. yes, some of gio...just for you.

walkinvisible said...

obviously, you're (d)awesome.
:) xx

Unknown said...

Jesus Christ I love you WalkInvisible. Hey is mikeH the mike I totally ran into last night when he was on the phone with you? 'cause that's like neat and shit.

mikeH said...


You mean the same Mike who was offered last minute tickets between 7th and 6th ave, then had them rescinded two blocks later at the corner of Centre & 4th? Definitely not me, I'm sure I don't know that guy.

Say "Hi" to your dinosaur for me.

walkinvisible said...

i love my friends.