Friday, December 18, 2009

While the cat's away...

...mikeH gets to play. With WI drinking two foot tall, slushy cocktails in Vegas this week, and considering I managed to snake a ticket to last night's game (thanks half-price), I figure I might have stored up enough minor points to add a little something to the blogosphere. Always good to see a win. Here we go:

GIO!!! - Okay, so I may not have quite as desperate a crush on this guy as my respected blog colleague, but I have to say, he is sure fun to watch. J.Bo and Gio are by far our strongest defensive pairing, and got the start last night. Then watching Gio throw some pasting hits was just spectacular. Twice he lost a glove from the impact (maybe his grandma could sew a string on them), but every hit was clean and set the tone for the whole team. All I know is Dustin Brown is probably being treated for a case of PGSD (Post-Gio-Stress-Disorder).

Johnson Pardy - When Aaron Johnson leveled Oscar Moller in the open ice, all you heard from me and my buddy was, "Welcome to the Johnson Pardy!" Sure I may be biased, but that interference call was bullshit, the puck was right there.

Pocketdawes - Another tally for pocketdawes off a beauty pass from Lanks, and the "second" line continues to click. Other Pocketdawes discussion below...

Børk, børk, børk - as usual, my favourite swede had a good game, even if he didn't hit the score sheet. I e-mailed the team last week to put forward WI's suggestion that the organist learns the Swedish Chef music, so that when they play it the crowd can cheer, "Børk, børk, børk," at the appropriate time. I'll follow up if I get any sort of response from the team's entertainment people.

In non-Flames hockey info, WI, myself and a couple of WI's buddies (Em and Lori) caught the Canadian National Women's team vs. the US at the 'dome on Tuesday night. All I can say is, if those were the two best women's teams in the world, then Canada is #1. Hayley Wickenheiser plays a whole different game; her passes are so fast, her teammates sometimes have trouble getting control. If Canada has a weakness, its that they play a rough and tumble game, which in women's hockey earns you serious penalty minutes. Can't wait to watch them in the Olympics.

At the women's game, we stopped for a few of that favourite Saddledome treat, Pocket Dawgs. It wasn't particularly busy around the kiosk, so WI had a chance to fully inform the manager of the numerous sponsorship opportunities available with Nigel Dawes. It was a lot like this:

"Seriously, all you need to do is change ONE LETTER, and pocket dawgs become pocketdawes! You could donate to charity or give a discount whenever pocketdawes scores. The possibilities are endless!"

Okay, maybe I didn't actually hear the convo, but she was pretty excited and I have to say, pocketdawes is a solid nickname.

It was also recommended to me that I should replace my imaginary girlfriend (you probably haven't met her) with #12, Meaghan Mikkelson (D) (interview clip) from the Canadian squad. Now, Meaghan is in fact a real person, so I am going to limit myself to saying that she's hot and loves hockey, so she's aces in my book. Good luck to her and the team, and I'll be cheering at the TV when she's on the ice. I will be in Van during the games, but with tickets being complicated and expensive, not likely I'll get to see them in person. Still, if anyone has a good idea for a fan nickname for Meaghan that I can shout from the stands, I'm taking suggestions.

Looking forward to afternoon hockey this weekend and the Canadian Junior squad on Tuesday where we'll get to see a little action from Nemisz. Go Flames!


deliciouscorn said...

Hey there!

I'm one of the organists at the 'Dome. I was just passing through the blogosphere and couldn't help but notice your heartfelt wish. (Actually, another fan pointed me this way, but I digress...)

We can probably give the Swedish Chef a whirl at tomorrow afternoon's game against the Preds. It'd definitely help too if there were a bunch of fans who know this to "seed" the chant.


walkinvisible said...

i have put the word out as best i can.... is there any possibility for jumbotron assistance ?!??! that would be amazing.

if it doesn't work in the first go-around, please give it a second (and third... and fourth ?) chance....

many, MANY thanks,

mikeH said...

Dude, I will do my personal best to show up, but even still, the support is duly noted.

This is something that will grow over time, so let's give it (and Bourque) a fighting chance.



walkinvisible said...

two minutes left in the third, i hear.... did it go off ?!?! :)


mikeH said...

goddamnit... I walked down and watched the game at the 'dome, but somehow I didn't notice it come on. The game was pretty intense as we were trying to catch up, but even still, I thought I had been paying pretty close attention the whole time.

I'd like to know if anyone was more with it than me and actually chimed in. Damn, I must be as deaf as those refs are blind.

Gale Force 12 said...

Yup, that's when it was played WI! I missed it too; I was too engrossed in the tight action at the end.

deliciouscorn said...

Yup, I played it 2 minutes left in the third. Not ideal, but I got it out there. At least the director did yell the chant, so he's aware. "A valiant effort," he said afterward.

There was a far better moment earlier in the game, but we took a penalty just as I was going to play.

Anyway, I briefed the other organ player about the plan, so expect to hear the tune in somewhat regular rotation from here on...

walkinvisible said...

fyi, deliciouscorn:

i'll be at the new years game, section 201 and filled with holiday cheer (aka: booze). i will be the idiot in the new years hat with a #5 gio jersey [just "gio"... the "rdano" part seemed redundant] and i'll be listening for it the entire game.

you have no idea how excited i am about this.... i can cross it off of my flames' "to do" list. now i just need them to produce the retro throwback jersey in a women's cut, and raise #14 to the rafters.


Gale Force 12 said...

You were at the Juniors game tonight WI? I heard the other organist played it tonight.

I was doing my part to spread the word through the Flames faithful, though they weren't as enthusiastic as us.

walkinvisible said...

yeah, dude --section 225 and we were yellin' like crazy. i'm pretty sure we were the only ones.