Friday, November 9, 2007

whoah... what the hell ?

someone's gonna hafta lemme know what the hell happened last night.

i'm lookin' at the game summary and i see eriksson on the ice for all of last night's goals except the first one.
let's count 'em: that's two for and two against....

i presume that on the two vancouver goals, he looked terrible. infact, the burrows goal most likely made all of the on-ice calgary flames (lombo, moss, hale and eric nystrom --who probably just bought himself a ticket back to the QC after last night, btw) look like they should be wearing spongey red noses and floppy red shoes.

but then redemption comes for the swede in the form of a powerplay goal.
who told him he was allowed to pinch ?!?!

and paired with phaneuf for the second calgary marker THIRTY SECONDS LATER ???

i am totally confused by the state of this team. i cannot understand why sutter isn't landing us a proper blueliner. cause it is painfully clear the guys we have can't do it alone (phaneuf with 26 minutes on a sore foot ??!).



Steal Thunder said...

The boys outplayed the Canucks last night, but Luongo was ridiculous. You could fill a highlight reel on saves he made last night alone...

A couple of missed open nets at the end of the second and beginning of the third really hurt...

The Eriksson goal was actually pretty sweet, Luongo didn't have a chance on it (Juice passing from the corner to Anders streaking in from the point)...

Kent W. said...

Eriksson had his best game of the year. Which isn't saying much. He still screwed up a bunch, but he actually almost balanced it out with some decent play elsewhere. For, the record, he was out there because Keenan shortened the bench in the 3rd. Sarich played only 7 minutes last night.

Still, I think he sucks and I hate him.

Hale was the goat on the Burrows goal. He passed directly onto Lindens stick in the face-off circle.

Nystrom is here to stay. He looks better than Yelle, Nilson, Primeau, Godard and Smith. And you know what think of Nystrom.

i cannot understand why sutter isn't landing us a proper blueliner.

Because everyone covets good blueliners, so you need to give something up to get something. And the Flames need all the difference makers they have just assuage the damage of the deadweight. In addition, we don't have a lot of capspace, so it's not like we could offer Danny Markov a sweet deal to come back to North America.

Sigh. What a mess.