Thursday, November 22, 2007

hockey-less down unda

i'll have to keep this short due to a clock ticking above on the working internet...

1. how the hell is it that NOBODY has said a PEEP about tlusty-gate ?? i realize it's not flames-related but still.... HG, leanne i expect more out of you when it comes to hilarity involving pics of ANYONE in the NHL, leafs-nation or not. excited am i about the potential full-time promotion of lombardi to the first line. not only because it makes our team more exciting and hella stronger, but i've got lombo in both my pools... ;)

3. nystrom seems to be settling in, hunh ? please give me more info.

4. i'd link to you all but you're on the right, here, so plain and simple: thanks to GSN, FHF, DD, OIH & FB for keeping me up-to-date. i read your stuff and totally skip over the NHL sites. they're all bunk.

5. i'm getting a tan.



Kent W. said...

Nystrom has been a living example of why signing guys like Primeau and Nilson was a BAD idea.

He's a replacement level player: he has the skills to contribute at least as much as the bottom 6 vets, but also brings more exuberance and speed to each game (and is easier on the pocketbook). Also, he's bound to get better the more he plays, the opposite of which is true for the 30+ brigade.

All of a sudden, Boyd was called up recently too. Is this Sutter realizing his mistake? I guess we'll see what happens when Primeau comes back from injury.

Anonymous said...

good for you on the tan,,, i live in howell michigan, and the only tan i get is from the tanning salon,,, nystrom has been playing well thus far this year,, he can be a big help down the stretch if he can keep it up,,,