Wednesday, January 2, 2013

pocketgaudreau watches the ball drop for new years !!

while the real johnny gaudreau, or as he's being dubbed these days, "johnny hockey," has become a household name after a couple of stellar games at the world junior hockey tournament in ufa, russia, his tiny, flat, laminated namesake cruised back to nyc for nye.

here's a couple of shots in times square:

 Waitin' for the ball to drop.

HAWT night shot of the little man in Times Square in all of it's nighttime awesomeoness

good luck to johnny hockey in his quest for WJC gold (well... not TOO good of luck, cause i'm still pullin' for canada !!!), and good luck to pocketgaudreau on his continuing adventures on the road with carly rae jepsen !! here's where he'll be at in the next little while.  maybe his kind and wonderful host @pnoitch can get some more rad photos !!



awildermode said...

is he really on tour with Carly Rae Jepsen?

walkinvisible said...

he is really on tour with carly rae jepsen. i'm hoping to have proof someday but his host is rather shy...

Gerrard said...