Tuesday, May 22, 2012

all points bulletin: SHEP !!!!

i realized today that longtime swedish commenter (and friend), shep, has been absent for far, far too long.  shep, if you're reading this: let us know you're alive [and that you're way too busy to comment cause you're actively trying to set me up with henrik loob or something].

we miss you.



shep said...

thank you, thats very kind of you : )

in the world of loob, here's a nice picture of him making the splits, followed by a short recap of his life and career (written before his 50th birthday in summer of 2010).

walkinvisible said...

i love him. you missed the times he called into pat steinberg on overtime in the last weeks of the season to wish the flames well.

anyhow, good to see you. comforting to know you're still alive.