Tuesday, November 22, 2011

hit the post grows again !!!

without consulting my hitthepost bretheren, i've opted to grow the brand yet again by inviting our favorite flames fan from canucksville to join us in the blogging arts.... (hey, it's not like any of duncan, mikeH, jafi OR myself write anymore anyways).

so, sarah ? welcome. write as much as you want, sister.
make us look bad.

PS: we are gonna kill the SHIT out of the arena reports and all sorts of flames-related baking.



JA said...


mikeH said...

Congrats Sarah, I'm happy to have you on the team (even if it dilutes my shareholdings in this highly profitable enterprise). I was a little worried that you won't fit in around here because of your anti-pie stance (we are very much pro-pie), but WI convinced me that it wouldn't hamper your hockey analysis (too much).

In any case, our hockey team licks balls at the moment, so if you can help to keep us interested through the doldrums, your contributions are sincerely welcomed.

Sarah said...

Thank you, lovelies. I wish I could promise "analysis," but it will probably be a lot of whingeing and, as wi mentions, baking. But not pies, obviously. Maybe knitting?

But first the Nationwide arena report. Tonight. Probably. (See, wi, I've got the not-writing part down already ;))

walkinvisible said...

fuck, i knew this was a good idea.

KingJafi said...

Welcome Sarah. Its really hard to write about a team wherein you can't stand their gm or any of their personnel moves and the team sucks ass. I should have a new eBay post up pretty soon.

pay per head reviews said...

I totally agree with walkinvisible because I also knew it was good idea, well actually I thought it was great idea!