Saturday, June 18, 2011

bottled luongo tears: an htp original

hitthepost writer, mikeH, came up with his multi-million dollar idea during last year's playoffs, and figures he's pretty close to retirement now that he's developed a prototype:

(for the visually impaired:)

Directions: Add liberally to your cocktail to generate a smug sense of self satisfaction. Use plenty, there's more where these came from.

Ingredients: Fraser River water, sodium chokeride, hair gel.

cost will be based on demand. please leave your order in the comments section.



A Z R said...

'sodium chokeride'

That's pure gold. I should stop writing now, as nothing I do will ever beat that.

walkinvisible said...

it's mikeH. he's a lyrical genius.

price per head reviews said...

bottled luongo tears??? seriously?? LMAO!!!! I could not help when I first saw it, I laughed a lot and I still laugh when I take a look at it LOL