Monday, May 9, 2011

monday randoms (it's been awhile)

every year around this time, FFWD magazine polls calgarians about their favorite stuff, later published as their "best of" awards. please go to ffwd's website to have your say, but here's some stuff i submitted (cause i like a theme).

ps: alex ruiz only narrowly won "sexiest woman," because i don't find matt stajan that sexy.
pps: i just wrote "matt shatjan" by accident. hilarious typo.
ppps: i entered domebeers over my own blog cause it was the only way to appease AZR for me writing "loubardias" in as the local tv personality (which was a jab, but seemed like a vicious-roundhouse-to-the-head type jab).



Kent W. said...

I don't know if I should be flattered I made it as hardest working man or insulted that domebeers and Steinberg beat me in various other categories.

mikeH said...

I don't know if Steinberg has much of a chance as favourite local radio personality, but if there was a category for quasi-personalities, he'd be a shoe-in.

walkinvisible said...

look. domebeers beat ME in best blog, so don't sweat THAT. and steinberg only beat you in best twitter cause he doesn't respond to anything (and is thereby easier to follow).

on the other hand, mikeH won absolutely nothing. and azevedo wins nothing cause he won 191 bucks on animal kingdom at the casino on sunday. thereby: never gets to win anything ever again.

JA said...


A Z R said...

Dear WI

I need 39 more votes to get on the ballot.



P.S. I should totally pull a walker and throw a tantrum about Loubardias, if just for satires sake.

A Z R said...

New posting!

King Jafi, re: Feaster hiring, I agree with you 100%

walkinvisible said...

db: i think jafi's got some goods upcoming. me? i'm too mad to write.

when are we having pints ?

A Z R said...

Dog and Duck wednesdays...otherwise send me an email we will arrange something.

pay per head reviews said...

hell yeah it has been a while, but I hate mondays so I did not missed the monday randoms a lot haha