Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sutters of the world unite !!!

so darryl finally realized that young brett needed to go further away from calgary than abbotsford cause he did a dumb thing i like to call "drinking" at the team rookie dinner (which, btw, is my take on what an inebriated sutter once referred to as his "rookie game"), and i guess carolina is about as far away as you can go in the NHL.

oh, and brett's cousin brandon plays there. and brett's cousin brandon has had some success there. and i'm sure that's where brandon's dad, brent, will buy a house once he's let go from his current post. and maybe darryl will want to go there when he gets canned since the canes are one of the youngest teams in the league and they might be wanting to bring in more over-the-hill type players.

what a total reactionary move by a GM fighting to save face, his family name, and his job.


what's NOT funny is we just cleared a roster spot that forces steve staios to play every night. AND brendan mikkelson... and even though he started the season with the big club, i would highly doubt that tj brodie will be called up to skate with the team cause he's under the age of 28 and therefore not (according to what appears to be the sutter mantra) NHL ready. i can only presume this means pardy is close to a return. **sorry. babchuk's a defenseman. scratch this. (til he gets hurt).

ian white is having a rough season, but no more terrible than jaybouw (at half the price). yeah, maybe he wasn't "working" with regehr, but you know who won't work there even more ? steve fucking staios. mark my words, this team is now set for a repeat of last year's 9-game losing streak, and (if he isn't relieved of his duties by then) darryl is set to trade the proverbial farm with a bunch of shitty deals that will leave us with less value players and more ridiculous contracts than he did last year. dark days are a-comin'.

like i said before the ian white slap in the face (aka: contract signed for five bucks less than three mil), if darryl can't get the defenseman inked then we got nothing for phaneuf. i still believe that (unless hagman starts playing to ability). stajan's okay but i'd peg him as a natural 3rd line centre. just brutal work.

admittedly i know very little about babchuk or kostopoulous. but the fact that i don't know much about'em means they're probably not huge difference makers. which means we're gonna lose alot more games.

and finally: trading ian white during movember is a disgrace.
just sayin'.


JA said...

Agreed on all points. Especially the last one ;)

The people at FN tore me a new one for saying that the trade was now Phaneuf for Hagman and Stajan, lulz.

Anonymous said...

trade was in the words BEFORE the punch.

walkinvisible said...

sure, sure.

A Z R said...

Yeah, a trade for Ian White was in the works before Sutter punched the guy. But to suggest Sutter was moved because the Canes wanted him for his ability to play hockey and not because he had become toxic is...naive. Stop the spin, the organization isn't paying you, Anon.

I still think trading Dion was a good move in and of itself. In retrospect, he should have traded him for a single impact forward vs 3 NHL regulars, but if Hagman and Stajan got there 25 - 30 goals nobody will/would be bitching about the return.

This was a much better line on the subject than we have come up with: yeah, maybe he wasn't "working" with regehr, but you know who won't work there even more ? steve fucking staios.

That's KFC. So Good.