Thursday, November 4, 2010

the flames are SO bad, i'm gonna talk about baseball

please take note:

i am not, nor have i ever been, a fan of baseball. sure, there's something really awesome about going to the park and having a hotdog and a cold beer on a warm summer evening, and hangin' with your buddies under the pretense of watching a live sporting event is pretty kickass.... but 30 teams playing 182 games apiece totally cuts into the REAL highlights on sportscentre, and it drives me mental....

the thing i DO like about baseball (aside from the live-action stuff mentioned above) is the same thing i like about most sports: the characters. i mean, do you REALLY think anyone watches the WWE for the make-believe piledrivers and bodyslams ? no. they watch because it's interesting to see mick foley lay the beats down with a sock puppet, and to see the elaborate ruse of tripleH marrying stephanie mcmahon. people watch because, for example, the rock was one of the most captivating personae ever to grapple in the squared circle. is it any wonder that one of the single highest rated segments in terms of viewership in "raw" history featured the rock n' sock connection ???

but i digress...

i had zero interest in the world series this year until i realized that SF's superstar pitcher, tim lincecum, looked exactly like the kid from dazed and confused... and apparently, i wasn't the first to think it.

click the link, it's an hilarious article.

anyways. if the flames continue stinkin' this way, i'm gonna probably look into other sports that bore the hell out of me, just for something to do.



mikeH said...

Nice, I'm convinced we're going to be searching for something to do in place of watching hockey by Xmas time.

Oilers hire sports psychologist - Don't you think their money would be better spent on a substance abuse counsellor?

Subversive said...

I'm sort of hoping they're terrible, like really really terrible, as opposed to being a playoff bubble bunch. It's sort of more morbidly fascinating, I think, and maybe you even get a high draft pick to waste too.

A Z R said...

your terrible anti baseball stance aside, I'll share a story.

So I'm at the De Riot game with some buddies, we are up in the 300's, and as will happen when you down 2 Domebeers a period, I had to urinate. As I'm walking out of the bathroom, the Pope, Peter Maher, is walking in.

The freakin Pope. Now because I was raised right by Momma, I didn't try to keep him. But I asked what he thought, and I don't think, by his response, that he is terribly enamoured with this team either.

The freakin Pope!

walkinvisible said...

the only reason you wait until intermission to urinate is because you sit in the 300s. that would never fly on the concourse level: you gotta slip out during tv timeouts or you get stuck in a massive lineup.

ps: i can't believe the 'dome doesn't have private bathrooms for guys like maher.... i wonder if daz and holditch have to run all the way down to the executive offices if they gotta go...

...aaaand allofasudden "holditch" has a new meaning.