Friday, November 12, 2010

brett sutter likes to party (and other things we already knew)

i kinda feel bad for brett sutter this morning. not because he got into a bar fight in arizona, and not because it was scottsdale (the "softest" area in the state). i don't feel for him cause he got arrested, shamed his family name (cause, granted, his pops has been walkin' that road for years now), or because he made peter hanlon speak more words in a sentence than "double fisting ?"

i feel bad for him cause the worst possible time for a pro athlete to get their mugshot taken is in the first weeks of movember:

...and let's not joke around ---this is a BEAUTY.

the attempt-to-grow-a-porn-star (or a ringo starr ??) 'stache aside, the kid is clearly:

a) unsoberized
b) fearing the wrath of what will come "tomorrow"
c) tired
d) sunburnt from a day of paintball/golf
e) all of the above

a proud, proud moment for the flaming C's and the entire sutter family. though, no more proud than this moment, i'd imagine.

or this one.

...or this one.

i'm thinking that maybe he did it on purpose to distract the team, its managers, coaches, and fans from all the losses.... and how painful the team is to watch on the ice (kippy, glenX, haggy, moss, gio, and mickis notwithstanding). if so, well done young brett !!


[ps: i get the feeling vicki hall reads htp]


JA said...

There are now 2 Calgary Flames Players that have a worse moustache then I.

awildermode said...

when i first got my driver's license, i made sure i wore my flames jersey to the my picture looked like a team photo. NERD!

adamH said...

He looks confused. I think he's trying to figure out how many fingers he has with ink on them.

Sarah said...

Just got a sneak peek at a chapter in this book, and you make an unnamed cameo appearance as "a female Calgary Flames fan condemning the pink
jersey" whose letter gets published in THN. I admit, I smiled when I saw it, thinking, "Hey, it's WI!"

walkinvisible said...

dude, that's AWESOME !!!

totally my legacy.

mikeH said...

So cool Sarah, do you know when the book comes out? Her website doesn't seem to set a date and is only offering pre-orders.

I was thinking I could totally give this to WI for Xmas, wrapped in her new "Kotalik" ice flirt jersey that I picked up the other day. Ooops... I may have let the cat out of the bag.

Sarah said...

As far as I know the book is at the printers' right now. I'm talking with Lisa on Saturday, I'll see if she can give me a concrete date :)

mikeH said...

Awesome, let us know, I'd like to give it a read. I'm guessing its self published? There should be lots time to read during the garbage games this spring once we're out of the hunt.

I have to say, I don't trust her reviewer from the Courier... The bio says she has faith the Canucks will someday bring home the Cup. Obviously, she has at least a few screws loose. :)

(btw, the Xmas present bit was a joke. I actually got her the "be luv'd" edition lettered with "Mrs. Sutter", number zero).