Wednesday, August 4, 2010

thoughts on the heritage classic presser

i listened to most of the press conference today that was broadcast live from mcmahon stadium and here are my thoughts, in order of importance:

1. if steve staios is the new voice/face of the calgary flames, i'm starting to doubt that he'll get sent off to abbotsford after training camp. this is nerve-wracking due to the fact that his salary cap number is enormous, that he's gonna get top-line minutes (and drag down jaybouw yet again), and he's gonna suck all over the place. and while i'm totally gutted by this revelation, i'm sure matt pelech can now be considered a jumper.

2. what. the eff. is this ??

i was listening to the unveiling in radio form (ie: picture-less), so it was described as "burgundy and yellow... unlike anything the flames have ever seen before." know why ? cause it's mafackin' UGLY. all of a sudden i'm craving a happy meal....on a positive note, kudos to those in charge for realizing that the C of red means that any jersey created by the org MUST be in the crimson/burgundy/red family. also a bonus is that the guy with zero taste or style, who presumeably designed the 25th and 30th anniversary crests, is continuing his run of mediocrity. and the worst part is that if they offer it in a women's cut, i can't even say with any certainty that i'd avoid purchasing one.... sweeeeeet !!!

from steinberg's twitter :

from the calgary sun:
(i admit, it looks better in person... it's starting to grow on me already but still appears to have been designed by a child... also ? it looks as though glenX might have been hittin' the cheeseburgers, and i ain't talkin' about the jersey....)

(further investigation, aka: reading puckdaddy, shows where the design originated. too bad all the things that are awesome about this uniform are absent in the latest version... and here i'm talkin' about the haircut, the gloves, the skates, and the fact that the photo is in black & white.)

3. unless there was some change of ownership in the past few years that i'm unaware of, mcmahon stadium is still owned by the university of calgary. thus, when gary bettman was going on and on about its storied history, it probably would've been nice to at least MENTION the calgary dinos, and when he was doling out thankyous to the stampeders etc. (jon haverstock comes to mind here), it would've been courteous to also hat-tip the U. all class.


mikeH said...

Good one. Ronald McDonald used to be on the sidelines for Stamps games all the time for promos, it doesn't surprise me he showed up again. He probably confused Bettman for a little kid.

My guess is that if they wouldn't do up a jersey they used for 6 games in womens sizes, then a jersey they are only going to use once is probably men's only as well.

walkinvisible said...

that'd be sweet. i wouldn't have to feel like a clown AND i'd get to save myself somewhere in the range of 200 bucks (jersey + letters/numbers ---i was thinking "karlsson" since "mickis" is now earmarked for the women's cut third that was supposed to be "sjöstrom").

capiche ?

Goad said...

Wow.... Just, umm brutal.


There are No words to describe just how pitifully ugly that is....

All it's missing is the hot dog bun? No! That doesn't do it justice.

If you guys are going to go with a shit team and then dress them as colourblind clowns this ceases to be sport and becomes socialwork. It's not even fun.

That is the Fugliest jersey I have ever seen. If your pack of plumbers plays a game in that piece of shit I will lose what little respect I had remaining for the once mighty flamers.

Say what you will about the Canuck Halloween jerseys but that is the Worst. Jersey. Ever.

Do not buy that or face ridicule for years to come ( see Canuck salmon jersey).

walkinvisible said...

somehow, i feel like the response to anything that canucks fans say this season is gonna be a sorrowfully bowed head and a mumbled "shut up..."

Arik said...

Man, call me a sucker (or a former art major, either works) but I love the Winter Classic jersey. Seriously I will be buying one of these, and I will wear the hell out of it.

There's something about the fact that a) there's NO BLACK and b) there's no baby blue and c) there's no cliche piping on it that makes it so refreshing.

awildermode said...

You forgot to mention Quidditch uniforms from Harry Potter movies

Go Gryffindor