Thursday, August 14, 2008

giving thanks

i've spent a lot of time this summer prognosticating about the future of the calgary flames:

- will we be able to get rid of warrener and eriksson this season ?
- will kipper revert to Kipps v.1 that we loved so dearly ?
- will lombardi get real linemates, and succeed accordingly ?
- will any of the baby flames get promoted to the bigs ?
- will the fans boo-tuzzi ?

.....and etc.

well, having spent the last few days back in toronto, i must admit it's nice to at least be confident that my team isn't gonna entirely stink up the joint this year. sure there will be wins and there will be losses [the number of each largely dependent on the answers to questions such as those listed above], but sutter has at MINIMUM put together a .500 squad for 08/09. here in the big smoke, things look pretty grim, and the fans are certainly aware of it. the leafs are gonna suck for years...


MacS said...

Ha ha ha. You mean continue to suck.

Kent W. said...

I think they'll be duelling with NYI for worst team in the league. On the bright side for Leafs fans, Tavares is a very real possibility.

walkinvisible said...

it'll be interesting to see what schenn brings this year.