Monday, August 6, 2007

new banner

it's a bit tardy, sure. but i've been busy and there's not much hockey news right now for me to yap about. so, yeah, it's long overdue, but this is my shoutout and kudos to jason from disquiet design for making the coolest logo ever:

the skull and cross-hockey-sticks is puuuure me, and the #44 [and the diamond around it] refers not to niinimaa or warrener (or bertuzzi or souray or pronger, for that matter), but instead to the david blaine incident and my newest tattoo.

so, a huge huge thank you to jason for knowing me, my style, my interests, my passions, and the password to my blog account. ;) the bone detail on the ends of the sticks kills me. love it. it's tooooo rad....


7.Nick.7 said...

that is definitely a sweet banner,
looks awesome

Jason said...

Your knowledge of early nineties Swedish Elite Division hockey is truly most impressive. I was of course, mistaken.

Killer banner, by the by :)