Friday, October 17, 2008

oil country

i'll let you guys in on a little secret. it's a bit shocking ---prepare yourselves for a little jolt.... um... i don't hate edmonton. i was here in july to see motion city soundtrack play at the starlight and found myself surprisingly fond of the city... uncomfortably so, actually. i kinda love whyte ave, i'm enamoured by the underground LRT stations, the embassy is a rad bar and the hilly river valley is kinda pretty...

so i've been in deadmonton for two days (note: when you use predictive texting, the first five letters --'edmon'-- shows up as "demon") and having a pretty good time. last night i went to rexall to see feist and got a nice photo of me with the gretzky statue. i'm hoping to go to the game on saturday (DOES ANYBODY HAVE A LINE ON TICKETS ???) and brought all my flames gear to wear this trip.

wow. this post makes no sense.



Kent W. said...

try not to get stabbed up there.

Rob said...

whiskey tango foxtrot.

WI I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Kidding. Have fun up there.

duncan said...

Better stabbed than shot though, right?

awildermode said...

i love posts that make no sense. most of my posts (when i do post)make no sense at all.