Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flames/Avs preview: Rest easy, all, I'm "feeling" good

I'm feeling better going into tonight's game against the Tony Granavalanche than I have since Game 1 of the regular season, which probably means the Flames are in for a 6-0 loss tonight. But, there must be reason for that optimism, right?

Well, other than the obvious, "Iggy's scoring, Kipper's saving" stuff, the Phoenix game was the first win of the season that never looked like it could unravel at any point. There were no five-minute scrambles, horrible PK sequences, or obvious Zyuzinesque performances. It was just good hockey for the most part, from start to finish.

Now, I'd bet Nervous Jimmy's new goatee that we won't see that same kind of thing tonight, if only because the Avs have two strong offensive lines they can ship out there. Unlike the Coyotes, who have zero. But having that one, good win under their garter belts might have knocked some sense into the Flames' ramblin' forward crew and its leader, Old Craig Conroy.

I'll also point out that this game is also an AWESOME matchup between the NHL PR department's first two "stars" of last week, Jarome Iginla and Avs goalie Peter Budaj. Both were much maligned in earlier days this season, only to rebound rad weeks that made everyone feel better. The big difference being, of course, that everyone knew Iginla would rebound, whereas Avs fans feel the need to launch mock political campaigns to keep their lot from committing suicide over the goaltending situation.

PREDICTION: Tony Granato will show the crazy eyes, and Joe Sakic will have at least one point. Go Flames!

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awildermode said...

it has been a while since iggy scored an empty netter...time from another one tonight