Wednesday, February 20, 2008

flames v. stars postgame: WHOAH

okay. alright. okay...

so i had to work through the game and missed it in its entirety (though i was able to watch the progressing eclipse, in stages). i also missed the whole vandermeer trade thing, but that's besides the point.

vandermeer: good trade.

game: good game.

in reading the shift chart, i was totally thrown off by sarich getting a puck in the face.
hale playing with regehr ??? regehr shifting with warrener like old times ??? i thought keenan (read: playfair, defensive specialist) had totally blown a gasket and forgotten how defensive pairings worked. the highlights showed a different story... is it wrong to say the disc of frozen rubber might've actually knocked some sense into #6 while it knocked out five teeth ? he seems to have played his best game in ages.....

other thoughts:

- if iggy keeps having games like this, we might honestly have to coin "the iggy pair", as opposed to"the gordie howe hattrick." a goal and a fight is nothing to scoff at, and our boy jarome has been chalking these up like they're going out of style....

- tanguay has either proven himself invaluable, or upped his forseeable trade return.... discuss

and for you folks:

there might be some interesting developments happening over here at hitthepost. stay tuned... ;)


Kirsten said...

I'm liking the new digs!

I'm not liking the fact that we have to play you guys on Sunday.

Rob said...

The Flames cannot trade alex tanguay. I want to beat every tsn analyst that keeps pumping the Ryder for Tangs trade.

TRADING TANGUAY IS THE WORST IDEA EVER. (unless it's for Kovalev and Koivu with a Joikinen on top)

Man the game last night was weird. I was freaking out at Cujo in net so his play was a pleasant surprise. Sarich's puck to the face really did galvanize him. The Defense seemed better in our own end but still the outlets were rough. Then again, it's Dallas and they seem to force neutral zone turnovers at will.

Does this mean I have to post negative hate-filled rants before every game now? I feel like an oilers fan.

MetroGnome said...

Changes? Going to make a buck by splashing some "adult site" ad banners onto the landing page?