Sunday, February 24, 2008

flames v. wild pregame: tossup

"dion can call me 'dad', not you...." said craig conroy to jarome iginla in a lighthearted dressingroom interview.

tomorrow, the flames suit up against the wild --in a noontime game that i'm looking oh-so forward to watching in my pyjamas, with a mug full of tea and a bowl full of oatmeal on a sunday morning.

it'll be a good matchup: a streaking group of southern albertans vs. the division-leading mid-westerners.... i've got no clue who will win the tilt.

what i DO know is that rob from the GSN likes the dairy queen at market mall, and that duncan from the flamesblog likes to hear bit of karaoke (unlike spezza) whilst drinking a pint. i had a busy saturday night....

additionally, i'm very excited to fill you all in on the little project that i've been invited to take part in. it's scheduled to go up on monday morning, first thing. i'll link to it at that point.... should be good.... :D



Rob said...

Damn! I was busted in public, having left the fortress of solitude for ice cream!

My starts soon, I can't eat DQ for much longer : (

walkinvisible said...

your WHAT starts soon ???

Rob said...

damnation, I can't type. My other hobby starts soon. Riding a bike.