Tuesday, February 3, 2009

random musings on a gameday

i wasn't gonna post today cause i didn't feel like it, but then i started thinking about all this stuff that's going on in the world of professional hockey (and beyond) and decided to just do a random list of thoughts. a few of them are just so timely on a day that the flames play the stars; the first meet-up since the day sean avery took his career in his own hands and essentially flushed it down the toilet....

- "repeat offender" sean avery got a six-game suspension for shooting off his mouth a couple of months ago; inquiring publically why other NHLers insist on falling in love with his "sloppy seconds..." this week, "repeat offender" denis gauthier got a five-game suspension for conceivably ending josh gorges' career. for the layman: although he's been suspended thrice for dirty on-ice hits causing serious injury to other players, gauthier gets a lesser penalty than a guy who insists he's "not an asshole all the time," but went on camera with some pre-game ribbing that undoubtedly went too far... the nhl disciplinary department definitely needs some more specific guidelines, cause that just ain't right... apparently all the talk about "getting tough on headshots" is just that.

- "sloppy seconds" herself is guest judging on project runway canada tonight at 10pm on global. my roommate met her and dion last week at the 2nd theory of a deadman show (my roommate was getting paid to be there, fyi) and said that dion was really nice guy and elisha was "superhot." he also said they were completely intoxicated and pretty funny... remind me sometime to privately explain why he was in such close proximety...

- before the preds game, i was concerned with the law of averages; that the flames can't win every night and perhaps the preds would get our number. well it came a game late, but it seems it's the avs who have the ability to stick it to our beloved Cs. budaj and mcleod should be considered bonafide fire extinguishers. ZING !

- i didn't feel like wearing the gio jersey last night but when it looked grim i put it on (about halfway thru the second period). usually that's good enough to provide overtime AT LEAST, but not yesterday.... nope. ie: my #5 is freshly washed and ready to go for tonight.... bring it.

- speaking of gio, he looked pretty awful last night. still, i was exceptionally proud that he fought laperriere (and lost). joking with a friend of mine post-pugilism, i said "gio should probably stick to fighting guys in his class." my buddy says "i don't think there is anyone." i, of course, suggested one of the sedins (but not both)... i love gio, but i also love making fun of gio.... ;)

- one of my favorite rants this year is about the sens, and it came as no real surprise that craig hartsburg, not brian murray, got the sack yesterday. this would have been an absolute outrage to me if i was a sens fan, but thankfully i'm not. according to my mole in the nation's capital, it sounds like most people calling in to ottawa radio were similarly put out (which makes me think that not everyone who lives there supports imbeciles at the top)...

- alot of people hate steve ott. i still can't effin' stand mike ribeiro.

- mike brophy referred to aucoin as "adrian phaneuf" twice before being corrected by his co-hort. like, wow.

mmmkay ?

go flames

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