Thursday, June 18, 2009

NHL Awards 2009: W. T. F... all over again

first off, i realize that the nhl is NOT the nba or the nfl, and has nowhere near the pomp and circumstance... but could they really not do ANY better than chaka freakin' khan ?!?? i mean, seriously.... isn't there some way that they could have procured AT LEAST a top country star and former idol winner (nudge nudge) ?? i'm embarassed that the best entertainer they could find/afford/think up's most recent accomplishment seems to be her 1999 re-recording of the reading rainbow theme song....


the nhl awards are never a big deal, to me, and the winners are usually met with a big ol' "meh" by yours truly: steve mason winning the calder ? yeah, i called it. tim thomas taking home the vezina ? no big surprise there. chara beating liddy for the norris ? kay... but sometimes the writers simply choose the wrong guy, methinks. hey, i'm not gonna say that steve sullivan has had it easy the past few years, but zednik just about kicked it right there on the ice in buffalo. if anyone seemed a shoo-in for some hardware, i'd say it was that guy...

of course, once again, my favorite moments were with datsyuk and ovechkin.... if you remember last year, pavel accepted the selke by pulling a pre-written speech out of his pocket and reading some thank yous to the detroit redwings in rather broken english. minutes later, after being announced as the lady byng winner, he approached the mic and proclaimed "i used all my english in first speech." tonight, datsyuk was awarded the selke and read a list of thankyous that he pulled from his pocket. like déja vu, a commercial break-or-so later, he was announced as the winner of the lady byng.... i was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen THIS year.....

...and he pulled another speech out of his pocket and said, "this year i'm more confidence."

as for the inaugural mark messier award, honouring a leader in the sport and the community, big congrats to our boy iggy. also, HUGE kudos to our #12 for saying some really nice things about the flames, the fans, reggie, conny, kipper, langks, and dion, and offering his hope that they will soon raise the prize for the great city in which we live.... beautiful and touching (and not a whisper of the name "sutter" in any way, shape or form).... ;)

the laugh of the night again went to ovechkin: following a choppy attempt at thank-yous by evgeni malkin for the art ross trophy, ovie queried the crowd, "do you think malkin's english is better than datsyuk's english ?"

congrats on the hart, ovie.
well deserved.

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rich snake said...

The NHL started the season with Def Leppard and finished with Chaka Khan. As good ol' Reg Dunlop said, "Jesus Christ, what a friggin' nightmare."