Thursday, December 20, 2007

xmas housecleaning

i've been back in calgary for three days now, which is long enough to realize how overdue i am for a proper post, and yet not quite long enough to get past the jetlagged laziness to actually write one. i'll try my best, bear with me.

i watched our currently victorious team play their little hearts out in columbus the other day (is it just me or does everybody fight the urge to write "columbia" every time the bluejackets come around ??). it was certainly a performance that was huge on heart and hustle. this, of course, was a drastic difference from the last game i had the opportunity to watch: october 26th's classic early-season flames 3rd period meltdown whereby we gave the win away with a painfully bad tanguay penalty, and lost the game 23 seconds into OT. against columbus (columbia?) the last five minutes of the third was some of the best calgary flames hockey i've seen.... ever. it was a simple, by-the-book darryl sutter style outing.

fingers crossed that they can continue the winning streak once back in the 'dome...

here's another exciting tidbit i've been sitting on for weeks:
back in october 2006, i went on a bit of a rant about the hideous nhl-issue ladies pink jerseys on my 'other' blog (before i started this one) --feel free to reacquaint yourself with my venom here (aka: my proudest moment). well, apparently the nhl and the geniuses at reebok have finally taken heed of my wrath, and designed and manufactured this little number:

aside from the fact that i still think the new jerseys are kindof ugly, and due to all the on-ice problems i imagine we'll get new ones again in the not-too-distant future, i'm very pleased that it only took a year for them to make good by the ladies...

if you want your jersey customized, though, you have to follow these rules:

to which i have the following queries:

1. what if my favorite player was langenbrunner ? or vanbiesbrouck ? bummer.... (see rule #3)
2. according to rule #2, i can't get "loob" on a flames jersey, but does it not leave the option open (technically) to get "loob" on a rangers jersey ? does it mean i could get "macinnis" in flaming red, but not blue ? or does it mean i can't get "gretzky" on any of LA, EDM, NYR or STL ???? this stipulation makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

okay. i'm done now.

glad to be home. can't wait to see you guys on the 27th.



MetroGnome said...

I thought the next step after the pink jerseys would be aprons with team symbols emblazoned on the front (now baby harness!).

walkinvisible said...

dude, you make me laugh.

duncan said...

Don't you remember me telling you about this on Duncan-gets-drunk night way back? Anyway, as bizarro as those stipluations are, putting an out-of-date name on an in-date jersey is tacky, so no biggie. Just get your Eriksson jersey and be done with it.

MetroGnome said...

*Now WITH baby harness!

Damn. I blew that one. Stupid terrible typing and editing skills.

walkinvisible said...

Don't you remember me telling you about this on Duncan-gets-drunk night way back?
listen. i was drunk too, you know. just not as drunk as you were.... ;)
so, no. don't remember.

Just get your Eriksson jersey and be done with it.
i might as well, he'll be on the team forever. infact, next year they'll probably give him a raise...

MG: admittedly, i wasn't sure what the hell you were talking about, but maybe that's why it was so funny... :)

leanne said...

Wow. I can't wait to see you guys on Thursday and see you do a ... repeat?

Jason said...

rule 2 explains why I haven't seen anyone rocking any Ron Francis jerseys around Toronto.